Shock Corridor

Lovestreams - Shock Corridor from Will Sheff on Vimeo.

Created by Devin Greenwood.

Shock Corridor

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Lovestreams - “Shock Corridor”

Recorded by Will Sheff at Crystal Snifter, Brooklyn. Mixed by Phil Palazzolo at the Honeyjar, Brooklyn. Cover art by Jacob Escobedo.

Stems for Shock Corridor

As a follow-up to the release of the first Lovestreams song “Shock Corridor,” here are the song’s individual instrumental tracks. I decided to put these up for anyone who wants to download them, mess with them, remix them, make something better out of them. 

"Shock Corridor" Unmastered Stem Mixes (.WAV)

Shock Corridor (Lyrics)

  1. A life lifted off a news page.
  2. A pictorial of you alone in your room, fighting off suicide furiously, with the Astronettes bootleg and a bent-back spoon.
  3. A bus tour through drab poverty.
  4. I came over and you offered me the guest room.
  5. A lie for a single pageview, courtesy of the assailant-who-loves-you.
  6. Advice for the heartsick clergyman.
  7. The snake in the grass and the ghost at the feast, the jack of all asses and the last of the least are all flown, first-class, to the team retreat.
  8. The inventor of anger.
  9. The perfector of being distracted when someone is talking to you, but just slightly - super slightly.
  10. She said, “I don’t care who you are and don’t care what you were – you can’t look away from the Shock Corridor.”
  11. So punch the day in the face and charge through a haze of gorse.
  12. Behind you, your own mother’s living ghost tears her hair out.
  13. It’s freedom – don’t you want it?
  14. A light haze of rain dark-flecks the grey slate.
  15. The actor can’t escape from his cold oval.
  16. Blazed-out hours, rolling, cold and (relatively) sober, as she says, “I don’t care who you are and don’t care what you were - you can’t get away from the Shock Corridor.”
  17. When there was nothing left to talk about, we talked specifically about a white-hot penny plunging through the concrete and hissing into that buried river.
  18. Or cutting into the earth’s red-hot sobbing heart.
  19. And I’m sorry I was a shit.
  20. I didn’t know why I was doing it.
  21. I’m not needed, and why would you really want to hear my voice even?
  22. I’m the light from a star that deserved to implode, and did, six million years ago.
  23. I’m the Orange Crush can, crumpled in the woods, when the kid who tossed it is going through his third divorce.
  24. I used to lie back in my teenage bed and feel love  so much heart-busting love, just this surge of love for everything, everything, everything…
  25. Now I lie on the couch with my brains bashed out and my tools and my toys all lying around, and I wish I could feel that way about really anything, anything, anything, anything…
  26. Still, she says, “I don’t care who you are and don’t care what you were.
  27. You can’t get away from the Shock Corridor.”

There’s Video

I did this video with my close friend Scott Coffey, the actor and director. Scott shot it on an early-generation DV camera. Almost all of the effects are in-camera. Gina Hirsch edited it. Thanks to Chelsea Lopez who is in it and Tommy Kearns and Justin Nappi, whose bedroom and bathroom we used, respectively.

Lovestreams - There’s Video from Will Sheff on Vimeo.

There’s Video


Lovestreams - “There’s Video”

There’s Video [lyrics]

Now your eyelash is off and there’s spit on your sweater. The night draws us so together. The night finds you here with me. It was all on the phone. It was calm. It was civil. It was crap; it was drivel, your big saved-up speech. Now you’re seeing that I won’t take it slow. I can make it just so. I can make it much better. Take me out with a feather, and say you’ll stay with me.

Let’s take it again – start to the end. Darling, I want you to try it from the top, like we’re just getting started. Because for me it never, ever changed. Hand to my heart, honey.

At the day’s close, with your clothes in disarray, I don’t really care what you might say because I’m hearing something else below it. Hey girl, who knows where the wind blows? Or where the time goes? Or where the rushing river flows? I heard it’s buried underground now, baby. Deep into dawn, we were getting gone and it was great babe. My razor and your plate babe. Do you want to trade? You can take it over, and we can take it again, baby, start to the end. I want you to try it from the top, like we’re just getting started. Here comes the sun, baby. Shut out its rays. Say, “Get away!” to morning. Say, “This is a private party.” Do you want another glass? Or do I even have to ask? But nothing’s made to last, so, sugar, can we start all over?

Can we take it all again? From the top down to the end? Will you be my only friend? The only friend I really had, ever? And, stripped out and staring at the dark, I’ll blaze a bloody path straight to your red-hot singing heart – your soul’s coast, your star as it explodes, your high skyscraper, shimmering and cold. Oh, do it again. Oh, all the way.